BiD Network has grown into a highly diverse community of more than 55,000 members and 4,500 business plans.

In recent years, we have dedicated our efforts to continuous improvement of matchmaking between entrepreneurs from emerging markets and investors. Additionally, in 2011 we have set-up bidx as a web-services company, a sister company to BiD Network. 


The BiD Network team is taking matchmaking to the next level for those high-potential entrepreneurs with business plans that are ready to connect with specialized investors and mentors. BiD Network offers corporate partners and their staff the opportunity to engage their experience and expertise in mentoring entrepreneurs towards success. For investors, BiD Network offers support in their search for SME investment opportunities.

Bidx has developed a web-platform to manage online communities of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors within specific countries, regions, cities or sectors. You can create your own entrepreneurship portal with bidx, in your own brand and in your own language. See the active portals HERE.

The new platform includes: 
  • Improved business planning and mentor interaction.
  • Matchmaking for investors with business plans that suit their preferences.
  • Search for members and business plans in the platform.
  • Join national and regional portals and business plan competitions by registering only once.

Global Impact So Far has grown to become one of the largest online communities for emerging market SMEs.
BiD Network and bidx have together launched 11 portals in 8 countries and 2 international portals. Find out if there is one that suits your profile. See the overview of portals and business plan competitions HERE.
Our impact at the end of 2013:  
54,000+ members 
4,200 business plans
$18 million USD+ invested in SMEs 
1,000 SMEs started and grown
6,000 direct jobs created
Thank you to all of you who have been a part of the journey so far! 


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A special thank you to our various partners along the way.