‘Every Day Is Waste Management Day! A Clean Environment Is A Healthy One Too’


Waste management in the rural/peri-urban areas of Uganda has just received an investment of USD 13,200 from Barclay’s Bank, helping Waste Masters CEO, Chrispin Lutalo, reach 53 more clients in the last couple of weeks. Thanks to this loan, Chrispin was able to purchase a truck and can now collect waste six days a week instead of once in one of several areas, including Seeta, Bweyogerere, Kireka, Namugongo. ‘Garbage was strewn everywhere in my community and there was no organized company to offer the service in my local community. The bigger waste management organizations only operate in the more urbanized areas of the country,’ says Chrispin.

Two years ago and after growing vegetables and selling them to customers in his network, Chrispin decided to start his own company to solve the waste problem in his community. Waste Masters started as a three-person company, serving three clients. After two years it has become a twelve-person company serving 473 clients in the region. Accessing finance has been one of the biggest challenges for the company since gaining trust from the loaner is essential, especially for start-ups. During the 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Week in Uganda, Chrispin met BiD Network’s international partner in the country and was introduced to the BiD Network online platform. In July 2012 he participated in the Ready4Finance training held in Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Entrepreneurship Centre where he learnt about looking for and approaching potential financiers. Thanks to this training and BiD Network’s international partner’s support, Chrispin learned how to write a solid Business Plan, which became one of the Finance Ready Plans on the BiD Network platform. ‘Waste is one of the “businesses of the future” in this city and in many cities around the world. Commitment in any business in Uganda (The Pearl of Africa) and a long-term focus will help an entrepreneur with high integrity to go far. I saw these values in Chrispin,’ says Iga Zinunula, international partner and CEO of IRIS Consulting in Uganda.

Chrispin’s plan is to have his own dumping site, which will allow him to recycle garbage. He also plans to acquire a polythene manufacturing plant in order to produce his own garbage bags and sell them to other users. According to Zinunula, in the short term they are going to seek financing for another truck and keep growing the business. He also says ‘I really believe that the future is limitless for a committed entrepreneur in Uganda. I believe that encouraging others to start and grow businesses is simply the correct thing to do if we are to develop. That is why I think BiD works’.