Vaatsalya created India’s first network of hospitals in semi-urban and rural areas, providing healthcare benefits to approximately 250,000 people every year.

Its mission is to promote a preventive approach to healthcare and spread health awareness in underdeveloped areas. BiD Network significantly contributed to the achievement of these goals, by awarding Vaatsalya the 1st Prize in the established business category in the Bid Challenge India 2007. Vaatsalya’s network has three components, a primary and a secondary care hub, complemented by a set of spokes focused on daycare and prevention.

The hubs offer medical services in the following specialties; Gynecology, Pediatrics, Medicine, Surgery, Physiotherapy, complemented by Laboratory and Diagnostics, Nutrition & Exercise counseling and Preventive Health Checks. From this point of view, Vaatsalya is an innovator in its areas of operations, since services such as Physiotherapy are a main attraction to patients and are not offered at other clinics.

Visit the website: www.vaatsalya.com