Millions of people have no access to safe drinking water from the tap. These people have to buy water of boil water in order to drink it. That is way the poor pay more for their water than the rich. Increasing water scarcity is likely to make this issue ever more pressing especially in cities but also in rural areas.

Affordable Water Filters

Nazava Water Filters a registered trademark of the Indonesian based company P.T. Holland for Water, is addressing this issue by assembling and selling water purifiers for households. Their mission is to provide clean drinking water for everybody everywhere. Nazava strives to achieve that by marketing the best and most affordable water filters available. Filtered water is cheaper and more carbon neutral than both purchased or boiled water.

Nazava focusses on marketing the best technology available, and is therefore not bound to one technology, this is one of the competitive advantages of the company.
Nazava Water Filters was established in 2009 and is owned by two Dutch entrepreneurs. Guido van Hofwegen has an engineering background and is director of the firm. Lieselotte Heederik has extensive experience in capacity building, management and development. The day to day management of Nazava Water Filters is performed by Syahri Abdillah.

BiD Network and Business Plan Competitions

In November 2010 Nazava Water Filters was one of three winners of the Dutch based and BiD Network co-sponsored business plan competition “Ondernemers zonder Grenzen” (Entrepreneurs without Borders). With the obtained $ 86.000 in investment funds from partners Droomzaken and Investeerders Club, Nazava will expand the sales and marketing throughout Indonesia.

The Coaching Process

During the preparation of the business plan Guido worked with Victor Yeh, a coach from BiD Network and Advisor at Ernst & Young. “I was really happy with the advice provided by Bid Network and Victor. We were able to bounce ideas off of one another” stated Guido. “They were fundamental is helping me look at what our competitive advantage is, the size of the market, who our competitors are and other necessary and practical matters. If I ever consider starting another business, I know exactly where to go.”