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Gurudev Goud

Startup Mentor-Executive Leader-AgriTech-Low Earth Orbit Satellite CXO-International Sales Specialist
Mentor Member

University - Postgraduate


Mentor profile summary Startup Mentor, Growth Hacker, High Frequency ( Algo and Quant) Trading Solution-Executive Leader in Growth Strategy & International Business Development * Specialization in Digital Marketing & Corporate Growth Strategy... - Lead Generation and Sales Process - SFDC Marketing & Development - SMAC (Social, Mobile Analytics & Cloud ) Business Development Strategy Professional - Internet Of Things, Internet of Everything, Big Data/Data Center/SaaS, - Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Oil, Gas, Energy & Clean Technology * Geographical Areas of Specialization: - Americas, EMEA, Indo-Pacific,Malaysia and Oceania Regions * Special Skills - Lead Generation, Sales Discipline and SalesForce One - Marketing over SMAC (Social, Mobile Analytics & Cloud ) - Leadership Practices in forging Technology Alliances - Leadership Practices in Digital Marketing * What I Love doing Best... - Mentoring Start-ups and Early Stage Companies - Lead Generation for Start-ups and Early Stage Companies - Corporate/Product Branding and Identity - VC Funding for Early Stage companies followed by Mergers and Acquisition - Devising strategy for Product & Technology Engineering Services - Creating Awareness for a Green Planet and Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Business Strategy & Marketing * Concept Creation, Brand Building, Go-To Market, Go-To Media Strategies * Social Media Marketing Communications, Demand Creation & Planning * Eco-System Partner Creation, Alliances and Domain * Clean-Green Technology, Enterprise Mobility and Product Engineering areas * Thought Leadership and Implementing Agile Business Operations Business Development * Experience in Americas, EMEA, MENA, Asia and OCEANIA Regions * Onsite and Inside Sales, * Setting-up Inside Sales,Lead Generation & Business Development Teams * Bridge Technology & Delivery teams * Devising Competitive Advantages for Product &Technology Engineering Services

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