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Q: What is bidx?
A: Bidx offers online services through the platform to organizations that help businesses in emerging markets to start, grow or find finance. The mission of bidx is to support sustainable economic growth through entrepreneurship.
Q: What is a bidx portal?
A: A bidx Portal is an online space provided by bidx to build your network, boasting the tools to virtually support the start, growth and finance of businesses. A portal is presented as a website where entrepreneurs can create their business proposals, investors can find interesting plans to fund and mentors can give their advice to entrepreneurs. Portals can be created around a focus location, an industry, or a business purpose.
Q: Who administers the bidx portals?
A: Bidx does not administer portals, except for our Bidx Gateway Portal. Administration and moderation of portals is done by our customers, which can be banks, incubators, investment funds, accelerators and NGOs.
Q: Can I join multiple portals?
A: You are welcome to join multiple portals and business plan competitions. We advise you to only join portals that suit your interests in regard to location, industry or business purpose.
Q: Can people from any country join bidx?
A: Members on the bidx platform are not restricted to specific countries or locations. However, our different bidx portals are mostly focused on one specific country, area or sector of industry. Please have a look at our active portals, and see if there are any that would fit your profile, your business and your needs. Please see an overview of our active portals here: New portals are created regularly, so if there are no suitable portals for you yet, you may join our Gateway Portal, and from there move on to other portals in the future.
Q: What are the regulations regarding interest rates and payback period?
A: Bidx or customers of bidx (portal owners) do not retain or place charges on investments or payback period. Our present focus is on enhancing membership by attracting entrepreneurs, investors and mentors and not yet on placing charges to members. However, this may change in the future.
Q: How do I delete my account?
A: If you would like to delete your account, please send a message to
Q: I forgot my password, what do I do?
A: If you forgot your password, please click on the link “Forgot your password? Click here to recover.” in the login screen of your portal. You will receive an email with a link on which you need to click to reset your password.