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Q: How do I become an investor on the bidx platform?
A: You can register as a mentor on the bidx platform by following these steps:
​1) ​Register with the START HERE button above.
​2) ​Set your investment preferences.
3) ​Search the portal for business plans, or look at the list of recommended businesses in your investor dashboard.
Q: How do I find a business to invest in?
A: The system will find business plans that match your investment preferences based on the information you entered in your investor profile. You will find these matches in your investor dashboard: go to ‘Dashboards’ in the top menu, then click on ‘Investor’. Under “Recommended Businesses”, you will find the matching businesses listed. You can view the entrepreneur profile and the business summary by clicking on the name of the entrepreneur or business. If you are interested in a particular business summary, you can click on the button “Request full access” in that particular business summary. If the entrepreneur accepts your request, you will gain full access to the plan, including all supporting documents. The initiative can only come from you, as you investor profile is invisible to entrepreneurs until you send them a full access request.
Q: How do entrepreneurs connect with investors?
A: Investors are anonymous on the platform, they are visible as regular members to others on the platform. Investors need to be the initiators of the contact with entrepreneurs. If an investor is interested in a business, full access to attached documents may be requested.
Q: Who can see my member- and investor profile?

A: Visitors that are not yet a member of your portal are only able to view the name, location and summary of your member profile. Members of your portal are able to view all information in the member profile.

Your investor profile is only visible to the administrators of your portal. Other members of the portal can only see your member profile, so you cannot be recognized as an investor. Entrepreneurs will only be able to view your investor profile after you have sent them a request to have full access to their business plan.