Eco Post is a manufacturing business located in Kenya, which recycles post-consumer waste plastic into aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly plastic fencing posts. In Kenya thousand of plastic bags and bottles litter the streets, open fields and clog sewers. Eco-Post converts these unwanted wastes into a beautiful, durable, affordable, cost effective and environmentally friendly product. This innovation is developing an alternative use to an otherwise unwanted waste product.

They buy post consumer waste plastic from collectors, shred it and use an extruder to produce plastic fencing post. The posts are sold directly to customers through the sales team or indirectly through appointed stockists. Their product is essentially a post made from recycled waste plastic. The posts come in different lengths ranging from 6 to 10 feet in length. 7 ft is the standard length in Kenya. The posts are also either circular, 2 to 4 inches in diameter, or square 2 to 4 inches cross-section. They are currently only available in black colour and are sold under the brand name EcoPost™

EcoPosts posts offer affordability, aesthetics, durability and they are environmentally friendly as opposed to traditional fencing materials such as cedar posts which have become scarce and metal and concrete alternatives which are expensive.

To start, the partners invested US$ 10,256 for the acquisition of an extruder, conduct market research and secure a go-down for manufacturing & warehousing. In the meantime they have moved to new premises, and are working together with an angel investor from the Netherlands who they met last June while attending the SME Marketplace organised by BiD Network. This angel is very eager to support them in their expansion plan and he is now helping with the design of their production process.

Their plan is to grow organically by increasing manufacturing capacity and expanding into new product lines, including roofing tiles, support beams for low cost housing and plastic lumber for furniture making.

During a recent visit to the facilities in Kenya, the entrepreneur Lorna Rutto shared the latest news: EcoPosts received a very large order for 300.000 fence posts from someone who actually found them by googling terms like ‘ecological fence posts’ and then actually being sent to their plan application on www.bidnetwork.org, which shows up very high in the search. They do not yet have the capacity to produce this much, so they are now producing only 500 at a time. Since EcoPosts does not have a website yet, BiD Network is their advertising tool for their business.

Visit Website: http://www.ecopost.co.ke/