Since 2005, mentors at BiD Network have helped 1,000 businesses to start and grow, creating over 6,000 direct jobs! You can be part of it. Share your know-how!


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Do you have experience with business plans, finance, marketing, management or with doing business in Africa, Asia or Latin America? There are many entrepreneurs here ​that need your advice for their business planning​, finance or ​marketing activities. Your guidance will make a real difference to their success!

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1) Once registered, request to mentor a business, via your dashboard
2) When your request has been approved, you can put feedback directly in the business plan
3) You can also email, skype or meet up with the entrepreneur

Become a corporate partner

Does your company have many skilled professionals that are interested and willing to volunteer their advice to hundreds of entrepreneurs in our portals? According to previous volunteers, coaching is a very inspiring and rewarding experience.

Find out​ more!​ Contact​ the Senior Advisor at BiD Network:  Roeland​ Donckers:

With entrepreneurs in a wide range of countries, mentor support in different languages is welcome. We are particularly looking for coaches that speak Spanish or French!

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