12 August 2017

Tripblan  by  Amine Marghich

In a few words

Tripblan is a social platform where travelers log and share their travel journals and travel guides. Instead on buying a commercial travel guide or spend countless hours going through thousands of reviews and endless articles, you can simply check-out and get inspired by the travel experience and itinerary of like-minded travelers on Tripblan. You can also capture & journalize your own travel memories fully & in real time, even when offline, using our web or mobile application, interactive map itineraries, photos, notes & check-ins.

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business United Arab Emirates

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur CEO
Expertise of the entrepreneur I am a passionate world traveler (more than 27 countries visited). I am an international sales leader, with years of experience leading sales with companies like IBM and Oracle