18 December 2015

Terra Nova, Lda  by  Flore Roura

Terra Nova recycles urban organic waste into fertilizer to boost urban agrculture.

In a few words

We receive urban waste from the municipality andsort it to create compost sold to local small farmers, resident of the city and to the municipality for farming and public/private gardens. In comparation with cow manure, the compost permits to increases crop yields from 20 to 100 %, decreases plants diseases and weeds apparition. This can increase seriously revenues from the farmers. Terra Nova employs the poorest people in Mozambique, waste scavengers, thieves, alcoholics and rehabiltate them in the society. To increase its positive impact on environment and help to reach faster its sustainibility Terra Nova just began to diversificate its activity, -To decrease sanitaries risks we recycle human fecal sludge latrines into compost. -We are testing organic farming on our facility to train later the farmers and improve general nutrition.

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business Mozambique
Industry Recycling activities and other waste management services
Support activities for crop production
Social impact Food security, Job creation, Poverty reduction and Urban regeneration
Environmental impact Carbon mitigation, Climate change reduction, Conservation of soil, Pollution reduction, Water pollution reduction, Recycling, Soil enrichment, Sustainable farming and Waste reduction

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur Manager, strategy developer
Expertise of the entrepreneur 7 years managing this project. Visited similar projects in several countries. Trained in agriculture, sustainable projects , business management, marketing, carbon credit.