07 May 2015

Tabagonyi Enterprizes limited  by  Miya Yunus

The company is committed to producing high quality rice at a low cost by employing efficient and effecting farming methods.

In a few words

Tabagonyi Enterprises is registered as a limited company that specializes in production and marketing of lowland rice at medium scale. The company was founded by Dr. Miya Yunus in 2012. Tabagonyi Enterprises has approx 70Ha located in Tabakonyi trading center about 70kms along Mbale - Moroto road. The stores and offices are located in Mbale industrial area. The vision is to become a leading rice producer and processor in Uganda. The mission is to maximise returns to investment through establishment of rice hub and production of highly demanded rice varieties. The business is focused on increasing competitiveness of locally produced rice through reduction of production costs by adopting labour saving technologies. The company sells milled rice mainly to local traders from as far as Kampala. To date the business has witnessed a turnover of 50MT valued at UG 65,000,000

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business Uganda
Industry Mixed farming
Social impact Food security and Poverty reduction
Environmental impact Climate change reduction and Sustainable farming

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur Strategic governance
Expertise of the entrepreneur The company has 8 employees. The business periodically engages an agronomist and a post-harvest specialist with experience in rice sub-sector who provide technical support.

Supporting members of management team

Zimwanguyiza William William
Has a bachelors in land use and management specialization in agronomy. He is responsible for the planning and technical direction of the projects.
Muganga Patrick Patrick
Post harvest technical specialist
Has a bachelors in food science and technology. He has a vast experience in post harvest management of rice production.
Wanda Godfrey
Machine technician
He is in charge of operating and servicing the company machines used for rice production.